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Out of this ship evaluation and modernization program would be the pendragon class. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. For the next 11 some years, a group of avalon researchers, developers and designers would slave away in a dark chamber in the heart of avalons research and development complex creating the next. Every attempt has been made to keep this list uptodate. Occasional references to and reconstructions of ed material such as the original enterprise design by matt jefferies have been included under the terms of fair use. Shipyards starfleet ships 21512293, subtitled the encyclopedia of star trek ships, is a massmarket hardcover reference book. Ships of the starfleet 22452293 an overview of information regarding several particularly important and noteworthy vessels which served as part of the united starfleet between 2245 and 2293. It contains additional information about the game that was not included in the game manual due to time. Starfleet was the deepspace exploratory and defense service maintained by the united federation of planets. Enter the name or part of a name of a ship to search for. It was him who jumped at the chance of interfering in the mock attack in the beginning of the book,and it was him who.

The second volume presenting the first chronological history of all of the starfleet ships featured in the star trek television programs and films. Starfleet had started as the starship uss enterprise fan club in 1974 and now with the new millennium about to start with the new administration of the 11th commander. January 2011 updates february 2011 updates march 2011 updates ship gallery updates, week of 1 march. For a complete list of starships that served in starfleet between 2161 and 2300, visitors are advised to refer to the starfleet naval vessel register, or the daystrom institutes encyclopedia of the federation starfleet,volume 6. Within this fictional universe, starfleet is a uniformed space force maintained by the united federation of planets the federation as the principal means for conducting deep space exploration, research, defense, peacekeeping, and diplomacy although starfleet predates the federation, having originally been an earth. Plus all of the starfleet ships from the star trek. When a vessel of this ilk cut a swath through the void, the void noticed. Currently we have the following materials available on warehouse 23, drivethru rpg, or wargame vault. The voyager class was a low cost refit of the final 20 vindicator class frigates, using the same concept as the constitution class based endeavour class.

The odysseyclass starships are the biggest starfleet has ever built, dwarfing even galaxyclass ships like the enterprised. Material complied by david jones pamphlet layout by eric rush. Since they often travel faster than light, so the time moves slower relative. The 20 most powerful ships in the star trek universe, ranked. Ships of the line posters will thrill fans with 24 oversize, highquality, readytoframe prints depicting spacecraft from tv and film, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the iconic scifi franchise. Parade magazinecomprised of spectacular illustrationspaintings of various ships against alien worlds, farflung galaxies and classic star trek scenes, the book. Federation database starfleet and the federation a compendium of starfleet and federation rules, regulations, history, etc. And then propulsion specialist kosinski in tngs where no one has gone before had a rather unusual rank insignia, but it was never officially stated what. A supplement to be used with the star trek roleplaying game published by decipher inc. And from the time of the khitomer accords to the time of the borg, starfleet only fought border skirmishes with the tzenkethi and the cardassians. The ships of the star fleet book details various cruisers, like the enterprise and frigates, like the reliant, and some other stuff, but not much. Thought an crude, low effectiveness test launcher was first installed in an experimental seldone entente destroyer in y123, it took over 60 years to perfect the later discbased.

A tribute to star trek is maintained by john patuto. Trekcore gaming starfleet command iii ships and stations. In addition to being an accomplished mariner, zheng he commanded the ming dynastys treasure ships, which were referred to as the star fleet. Preface this one hundred and ninetieth edition of ships of the star fleet continues the tradition of this publication in providing the most comprehensive data on the ships of the line of star fleet. Known federation starship classes, by type as of sd11008 note. This is a list of all known classes of starships in the star trek universe, ranging from the 22nd century through star trek online. The image for each ship is a view from the top, and sometimes does not convey what the shipstation looks like in 3d. The sf1701st is a club for those who have star trek unif. The star trek star fleet technical manual isbn 0345340744, ballantine books 1975, reprinted 1986, 1996, 2006 is a fiction reference book by franz joseph.

I think the closest we might have come to a warrant officer was an enterprised female crewmember that had a single hollow pip. Since the original series debut in 1966, the science fiction franchise has become a cult phenomenon, inspiring four more television serie. They have a big ship technical illustration on basically most every page. I like how it includes basically every different version of the enterprise models as different subclasses. This volume presents the technical information, service history, and artwork of the iconic ships featured in star trek. The second star trek shipyards book the encyclopedia star trek ships the is in a chronological history of the starfleet starships in star. On top of that, most captains are ranked as captains as a recognition of their status within starfleet and in general recognition that theyre competent to lead a large team, head up an important project or be in charge of a vessel. Actually, the time dilation aspects of nearlight velocities do not apply to the warp drive. Many groups and individuals have approached dts, expressing interest in creating their own starship designs for use by their starfleet chapters. Due to this smaller print run there will occasionally be a delay in shipping while waiting for additional copies to be printed.

Uss abraham lincoln ncc71809 15 havervale lane garnerville, ny 10923 commanding officer. Heres concept artwork schematic of the odysseyclass. The project was assigned to starfleets avalon shipyards. The ship is named after a 15thcentury chinese explorer. The starfleet museum is a strictly noncommercial fan website. Carey,and have found her star trek books very entertaining. Star trek shipyards star trek starships penguin random house. This indepth reference book, written by ben robinson, marcus riley, and matt mcallister profiles starfleet ships from the birth of the federation. A real starship worthy of the name, where everything from the reinforced hull to the sophisticated instrumentation created a sense of presence, of consequentiality. Net is in no way associated with, nor endorsed by, paramount pictures andor viacom. Many ships of this class saw combat in the battle of donatu v, and a number of them were destroyed. Starfleet is a fictional organization in the star trek media franchise. These resources have been used by our engineers to create the specifications and information on this website.

This indepth reference book, written by ben robinson, marcus riley and matt mcallister profiles starfleet ships from the birth of the federation to the launch of the. But then chief obrien later briefly sported the same insignia for a bit, so that idea may not hold much weight. Shipyards starfleet ships 2294 the future is a brilliant looking star trek book and one that is worthy of belonging on any. Starfleet, membership is close to 5000 members and more than 300 chapters worldwide. As this book s title indicates, it focuses on the ships of the cardassian union. Starfleet ranks, ships, personnel, and numbers the trek bbs. This book is a must have for any self respecting star trek technical book shelf, even if you dispute the historical accuracy it is worth purchasing for the.

The primary hull incorporates a shuttlecraft hangar at the rear of the upper hull blister, an area usually designated for scientific labs. It follows what weve seen of starfleet academy,as well as the game. Theta fleet engineering has many technical manuals and guides that are available to read or download. September 7th, 2016 marked the 50th anniversary of star trek. Building on the foundations of the heavy cruiser evolution chart and the classic starfleet technical manual, this mighty work details the cruisers and frigates of starfleet in 2292. If it did, hundreds of years would pass outside the ship every time they activated it. In the book the battle for betazed, they never really gave up the security force, but they were also not very well trained in combat operations having turning over most of the defense to starfleet. The book doesnt even give the origins of the various ship names. This indepth reference book includes a technical overview and. Nevertheless, since roddenberry did cooperate with the writing of the book it remains an important window into his thinking at the time of the original series, and as such could be considered as further evidence that starfleet was intended to be much larger than eight starbases and twelve ships. This information has been organized to make it easy for the reader to locate the data desired. The following list of starships comprises those ships which are members of a class represented at the starfleet museum.

This indepth reference book, written by ben robinson, marcus riley, and matt mcallister profiles starfleet ships from the birth of the federation to the launch of. Its principal functions included the advancement of federation knowledge about the galaxy and its inhabitants, the advancement of federation science and technology, the military defense of the federation, and the practice of federation diplomacy. An earlier fan work, the star fleet technical manual also went for excruciating levels of detail like the complete federation constitution or wiring diagrams for tricorders but at least there was enough variety to keep things interesting. Though inspired by those works, this work is not intended to.

Dsssa1 volume 1 datasheet starfleet starships aera 921 this volume is a reduced print run, while ships of the fleet has been printed in thousands, this books print run will be in the hundreds of copies. Below you will find info on the ships and stations in starfleet command 3. By chris wallace and alex rosenzweig starfleet members are very creative. Star trek associated links this is a list of the various internet sources i have accumulated for starship designs. Please note that these manuals are very treknology heavy and you might find some of them rather confusing. Pages in category tos starfleet starships the following 16 pages are in this category, out of 16 total.

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