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A collection of 10 personal stories of former snowy. The snowy mountains scheme is an integrated water and hydroelectric power project located in australias southern. Construction of the scheme officially started in 1949. These stories will then be made available on the woden community service youtube channel. It tells the story of four generations of women, set against the inundation of the small town of adaminaby, lost to the huge eucumbene dam in the late 1950s. Officially, 121 men died on the project, more in related incidents. Premiere of snowy stories from former workers and families.

The snowy hydro scheme is an iconic project in australian infrastructure provision, so it was good to read such an interesting account of its history. On completion in 1974, the scheme consisted of seven power stations, 16 major dams, 145 kilometres of interconnected tunnels and 80 kilometres of aqueducts. Buy engineering features of the snowy mountains scheme on free shipping on qualified orders. It was built by smec snowy mountains engineering corparation. The grant enabled me to do justice to the stories of the men and women who pioneered the snowy. Stories from former workers and families of the snowy mountains hydro electric scheme will be officially launched at a special screening on 7 june at the palace electric cinema in new acton. The snowy mountains scheme finished in 1974, on schedule and within budget, but not without cost. Engineering features of the snowy mountains scheme. Between 1949 and 1974, the construction of the snowy mountains hydroelectric scheme carved a new path through the landscape of the australian alps.

Snowy hydro is the third largest generator by capacity and. The way the author draws on the stories of the individual employees and contractors, helps paints a vivid picture of the what it was to work there and brings real intimacy to the story. The snowy mountains scheme or snowy scheme is a hydroelectricity and irrigation complex in. A history tells the extraordinary story of the mostly migrant workforce who built one of the worlds engineering marvels. The snowy mountain scheme was founded by sir william hudson.

Her book is based on about 90 oral histories with former snowy workers and. History of the snowy mountains scheme 70 years on newcastle. The snowy scheme was an extraordinary engineering feat carried out over twentyfive years from 1949 to 1974 one that drove rivers through tunnels built through the australian alps, irrigated the dry inland and generated energy for the densely populated east coast. The earliest scheme for the diversion of the snowy river waters to those of the murrumbidgee river dates back to 1884.

Tales of drowned towns, pugnacious unionists, terrifying brumbies and a love story in a laundry floor came to light in siobhan mchughs history of the snowy scheme. Its one of the most complex projects ever undertaken in australia. Lemmon was among 400 people once interviewed by irish writer siobhan mchugh for her landmark book the snowy a history, first published in. Emily ballous interesting novel aphelion picador 2007 draws with permission on stories and imagery from my book, the snowy. Which list has the snowy mountains scheme been added to. The discovery centre showcases the amazing history of the. Stories from former workers and families of the snowy mountains scheme digital storytelling project. My screams of elation must have echoed across balmain. More than 100,000 workers came from all over the world to work on the project. In 1997 a new company, snowy hydro trading pty ltd shtpl, was established by the new south wales government and the state electricity commission of victoria. At snowy, we have a proud history and a strong vision. The snowy mountains hydroelectric scheme in new south wales was nominated by the american society of engineers in 1967 as one of the engineering wonders of the world. The history of the snowy scheme reveals its important role in building post world.

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